Nanoori Brand

Global Spine and Joint Hospital

Nanoori Hospital is founded in 5 different cities in South Korea, including Gangnam(2003), Incheon(2008), Gangseo(2009), Suwon(2013), and Juan(2015). In 2018, Nanoori Hospital Shanghai opened in Hongqiao Central Business District, Shanghai, China. In 2020, EHS-Nanoori Spine and Joint Clinic opened in Dubai Healthcare City in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to share the love of humanity through what we do best, providing high-quality medical services specialized in the spine and joints, and create a ripple effect that enables us to grow and foster together.

Our mission is to provide healthcare services with integrity, honor our relationship with patients and partners, and explore, recognize, and appreciate similarities and differences.

Our Values


Nanoori Hospital has started the Love Nanoori in 2011, which is a project that provides free spine and joint surgical treatment for patients with low income. Love Nanoori continues to reach out to those in need, including the patients in Russia and Mongolia.


Nanoori Hospital has been building trust with the partners around the world, including the Stanford University School of Medicine, National Hospital No. 3 in Mongolia, the United Arab Emirates Rashid Center for People with Determination, ShanDong group in China, and the Emirates Specialty Hospital in United Arab Emirates.

Experience & Knowledge 

Nanoori Hospital founded NAVI (Nanoori Vision) International Program to invites doctors from developing countries and provide them medical training and research opportunities.


Nanoori Hospital is a designated International Education Center of the Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. Since 2016, Nanoori Hospital has been training doctors from eleven different countries, including India, Singapore, Bangladesh, UAE, United States, and Mexico.


Nanoori Hospital has been holding various competitions since 2008, through which we can share, explore, and appreciate the cultural similarities and differences, and learn to respect each other as we live together.