International Healthcare Center

International Healthcare Center

At Nanoori International Healthcare Center (IHC), the coordinators, who are fluent in English, Russian, and Mongolian, will assist you throughout the entire process of online consultation, treatment plan review, appointments, admissions, examinations, treatments, and discharge.

“One-Stop” Treatment

Nanoori Hospital provides “One-Stop” medical treatment, which allows patients to receive medical check-ups, doctor’s consultations, and a surgical/non-surgical treatments at one location on the same day.

Foreign Patient Treatment Process

1. Make an online consultation request
2. Within 24 hours, your dedicated coordinator will provide a treatment plan for you to review
3. Once you accept the treatment plan, your coordinator will proceed with the reservation
4. Come to Nanoori Hospital in South Korea
5. Receive the treatment and support
6. Once the treatment is complete, you will be discharged and receive post-treatment care

Services for Foreign Patients

Your dedicated coordinators will be your interpreter.

Discounts Hotel Reservation
We reserve hotels near the hospital at a discounted price for you.

Airport Pick-up  & Dorp-off
You may book an airport pick-up/drop-off service to have a staff take you to and from the hospital.