Foot & Ankle

Nanoori Hospital Foot & Ankle Clinic

A foot consists of 26 bones, 114 ligaments, and 20 muscles, and is one of the most important joints that support the body.  Leonardo da Vinci described a foot as a “masterpiece of engineering.”

Foot and ankle diseases can be treated in various ways based on their condition. Nanoori Hospital Foot and Ankle Clinic medical team uses the latest diagnostic equipments to provide the best suited treatment for each patient.


Prevention of Foot Disease

Shoes with enough space
your toes need some room to move. Also, it is better to try on shoes in the afternoon.

Avoid High-heels
Try to avoid high heel shoes as much as possible and get into comfortable shoes. When wearing high heel shoes, wear ones that are 3cm high or less.

Avoid intense exercises.
Try to increase the intensity gradually over time.

Stretch your feet
If your job requires you to stand for a long time, stretch your feet every hour to relax soles and calf muscles.

Proper Insoles
When jogging or running a marathon, wear insoles that can support your feet and absorb shock. Avoid running on  a hard surface.