Shoulder Disease

Major Shoulder Diseases

Calcific Tendonitis
Calcific tendonitis is a condition in which calcium deposits inside the tendons of a shoulder causing pain.

Chronic Shoulder Instability and Dislocation
Shoulder instability occurs when the top of an upper arm bone is dislocated from the shoulder socket. This may result from an injury or overuse. Once a shoulder is dislocated, it is vulnerable to recurrence.

Shoulder Arthritis
Shoulder arthritis is a condition in which degeneration and inflammation of joint cartilage causes stiffness and pain in the shoulder.

Shoulder Disease Treatments

Injection Treatment
The treatment uses an ultrasound machine to find the exact location of a nerve that causes pain and injects an anti-inflammatory agent.

Self-therapeutic Exercise
Self-therapeutic exercise can prevent the progression of a shoulder disease for patients with minor shoulder problems.

Extracorporeal Shock-wave Therapy
Extracorporeal shock-wave therapy applies a strong ultrasound wave in a painful area to reduce the pain.