Non-Surgical Treatment

Non-Surgical Treatment

The Non-Surgical Treatment Center of Nanoori Hospital offers effective pain management and systematic rehabilitation serveries.

Systematic Rehabilitation

Nanoori Hospital provides both Exercise Therapy and Physical Therapy.

Personalized Pain Management

Along with the surgical treatments, Nanoori Hospital provides personalized pain management and rehabilitation system that can help patients to recover fundamentally.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy treats the spine and joint condition by improving the functionality of the muscles surrounding the bone. As patients use their muscles to exercise, they can improve muscular strength, endurance, and range of motion.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the rehabilitative medical treatment using various physical agents such as heat, light, electricity, ultrasound, and exercise.

Patients who cannot undergo surgeries can receive non-surgical treatments such as medial branch block, and radio-frequency ablation. Moreover, the Non-Surgical Treatment Center employs advanced physiotherapy equipment, such as Biodex, to provide effective spinal and joint rehabilitation services.