Endoscopic Disc Surgery

Endoscopic Lumber Discectomy

What is endoscopic lumbar discectomy?

Endoscopic lumbar discectomy is a minimally invasive spinal surgery that uses an endoscope to magnify the lesion and remove a protruded disc with laser or radio-frequency ablation. The method is accurate and safe because it does not require any bone or nervous tissue removal. As well, the method uses local anesthesia, the operation time is short, and the recovery is fast.

How does the percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy work?

• The patient lies down on a stomach
• Anesthesiologist performs local or regional anesthesia
• The doctor inserts an endoscope through 6mm incision
• Locate the protruded disc through a magnified screen and use radio-frequency or laser to remove the disc
• Close the surgical incision with sutures, put a skin tape, and the procedure is complete

The advantages of percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy

• Safe for elderlies Minimal scarring
• Less trauma to surrounding tissues
• Greater longevity of spine
• Fast recovery
• Less risk of hospital-based infection

Endoscopic Disc Surgery

Before Endoscopic Disc Surgery

After Endoscopic Disc Surgery