Microscopic Foraminotomy

Microscopic Foraminotomy

What is microscopic foraminotomy?

Microscopic foraminotomy is a surgical procedure that widens the passageway of the spinal nerve by removing a bone or tissue that blocks the passageway and irritates the spinal nerve. Microscopic Foraminotomy is an effective treatment for a soft disc herniated in one direction.

Advantages of microscopic foraminotomy

• Operationtimeonlylastsfor40minutestoanhour
• Aminimallyinvasivesurgicalprocedurethrougha2cm incision on the neck wrinkle barely leaves a scar
• Ambulationisavailableonthedayofthesurgery
• Requiresonly2to3daysofhospitalstay

Before Microscopic Foraminotomy

After Microscopic Foraminotomy