Treatment Process

Nanoori International Healthcare Center

Nanoori International Healthcare Center performs various international activities with specialized coordinators who are fluent in English, Russian, and Mongolian. Also, for foreign patients, general support services such as escort, interpretation, etc. for all processes, including “Consultation-Treatment and Reservation-ExaminationTreatment-Admission and Discharge,” are provided.

Foreign Patient Treatment Process

Within 24 hours
  • Foreign Patient
    Request Receipt

    Foreign Patient Request Receipt
    1 STEPStep

    Within 24 hours

  • Treatment Plan Reply
    Processing Treatment Reservation

    Treatment Plan Reply Processing Treatment Reservation
    2 STEPStep
  • Patient Entering
    South Korea

    Patient Entering South Korea
    3 STEPStep
  • Treatment Support

    Treatment Support Translation/Interpretation
    4 STEPStep
  • Discharge
    Patient Management

    Discharge Patient Management
    5 STEPStep